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What can we say about Nisyros? well its hard to describe Nisyros in a few words but lets try with these 3 words: 

Remote - Volcanic - Traditional - Island. 

Oops, i said 4!

    Of course, you can land to the airport of Kos on your way to Nisyros but the moment you step on Nisyros everything screams this is an island! Especially with its round shape, you can explore every corner with your motorbike or even by foot. Nisyros is an active volcano and it is apparent everywhere. By being remote and not very close to Athens, Nisyros managed to stay intact throughout the years, and its thousands of years of history are on display in every step you make. There are various museums including the only volcanological museum in Greece.

But really Nisyros it's not an island. It's an idea... you will experience this if you happen to stay a few days, dance the traditional dances with the locals until the break of dawn, experience the Nisyrian hospitality that's unaffected by mass tourism. And of course, there are hidden treasures to be explored by divers...

Nisyros is also ideal for many opportunities for photography and other activities like hiking.