Some of our most visited divesites

Barracuda rock

(certified divers)

One of our favorite divesites, there is a high chance to see schools of Barracudas, especialy from September to December. There is also a small cave and some signs of thousands of years of nautical history.

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Volcanic fault

(Advanced divers)

Probably our most impressive divesite, its a crack in the bottom of the sea that is part of a long volcanic fault line. Its more than 50 meters long, about 2 meters wide . It starts at about 25 meters and its bottom depth is unknown. There are many surprises to see on its sides, including soft corals.


St Antonios Volcano reef

(Certified divers)

A reef that is basically a volcano, almost cone-shaped with volcanic activity in both gases and warm water can be seen even in 5 meters depth . Apart from this the reef hosts many kinds of fish and occasionally we have the bigger hunting fishes.

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The well 

(Any level)

Another volcanic fault that we can explore its sides that boast an impressive amount of marine life in every kind. The main attraction of this divesite is the lionfishes . Its access is the easiest and its the number one choice of our dive center for your first dive.

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Shrimp cave

(Advanced divers)

An amazing underwater cave that we can see shrimps on the walls most of the times and is covered by colorful sponges.
There is also another cave nearby that we can also visit on the same dive.


+ The Monastery +

(certified divers)

In the same location as the Barracuda reef, the Monastery is a small cave that when you enter it you have the feeling that you entered one of the old monasteries of Nisyros. Around it there is lots of marine life and some evidence of nautical history...

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